Caregiver's Information

It is okay to ask for help!

As the person with Alzheimer's moves through the stages, he or she will need more care. The medicine used to treat Alzheimer's only controls the symptoms; it cannot cure the disease. Their symptoms will get worse over time. Due to this you (the caregiver) will need more help also. Asking for help does not show weakness or lack of caring; but just the opposite. Asking for help shows your strength. Know your limits, take time for you as well. Make sure you build a support system. Taking care of a person with Alzheimer's can be stressful for you as the caregiver. 

Prepare for the future

  • Talk with your loved ones doctors, make sure they are on the same page you are on. 
  • Medication - Make sure you and the doctor know all the medication your loved one is on. It is good to keep a record of this. Know when they are administered and how much. 
  • It is good to keep a record of what allergies your loved one has. 
  • Legal  and Financial Planning - Legal and medical experts encourage people who are recedently diagnosed with a serious illness - particularly declining mental and physical health - to examine their financial and healthcare arrangements as soon as possible. Basic and legal documents (living wills, a living trust, and advanced directives) are available to ensure the person's late-stage or end-of-life healthcare and financial decisions are carried out. 

Home Health Care

Home health care servies send a home health aide to your home to help you care for a person with Alzheimer's. Some home health aides are better trained and supervised than others. 

What to know

  • Home health services charge by the hour
  • Medicare covers some home health service costs (not always all)
  • Use caution, some like to charge you for items you do not and will not need. (Reminder: you can say no to items)
  • Most insurance companies do not cover these costs
  • You must pay all costs covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance

How to find them

  • Ask a doctor or other healthcare professional about good home health in your area
  • Search the internet for "home health care" in your area

Questions to ask before signing an agreement with Home Health

  • Is your service licensed and accredited?
  • What are the costs of your services?
  • What is included/not included in your services?
  • How many days a week and hours a day will an aide come to my home?
  • IS there a minimum number of hours required?
  • How do you check the background and experience of your home health aides?
  • What happens in case of emergency?
  • What types of emergency care do you provide?
  • Whom do I contact if there is a problem?